Portugal, Lagos , Porto de Mos

How to book

How to book :

1) Book your trip to Portugal-Lagos throughout a tour operator.

2) Book a bicycle guidance at bike-memories:

  • short (3) bike-memories bicycle guidance € 175

  • bike-memories (5) bicycle guidance € 225

  • exclusive bike-memories bicycle guidance on demand

3) Do you have your own bike or you rented one elsewhere , no problem you can enjoy our bike-memories ride for € 15

4) We would like to inform you about a bike-memories package in the Belmar Spa & Beach Resort.

Our cycling tours

Tours can be arranged for a single rider up to a maximum group size of 8 persons and include :

  • Aluminium/carbon racing bike

  • fully prepared route - many years experience of cycling tours in the Algarve region

  • explanation of the daily plans/route

  • on each ride is one coffee included per day

  • many hours of cycling fun in a wonderful varied landscape